Experience with Ganges Voyager

Offering not just an exciting journey, but also a multifarious experiential treat that simultaneously revolves around luxury, art, culture and numerous mystical stories; Ganges Voyager is a traveller’s delight!




Start your day on a serene note as you rejuvenate your mind and body with a complimentary session of refreshing Yoga every morning at 6:30 AM.

Excellence on your plate

An ode to the incredibly flavourful cuisine of India, our beautifully appointed dining room at Deck 2 serves as the ideal place to bond with your folks over food. Our lavish buffet (served three times a day) features European delicacies complemented by various Indian desserts.


The fitting end to a perfect day on-board, our bar serves a diverse variety of Indian and International wines, along with bespoke handcrafted cocktails and other beverages.

Cultural Show

Bid adieu to the day's exhaustion by treating yourself to enticing cultural dance performances within the premises of the cruise. Donning mirroring attire and grooving to perfectly synchronized moves, these folk dance forms are the vistas into India’s rich heritage and culture.

Heritage Tour

Offering a riveting insight into India's rich past, we take you to an enlightening excursion of historical monuments such as Mother Teresa's Memorial Home, Murshidabad's Palace and Chandernagore's French colonial buildings.

Spiritual Interactions

Indulge in some soul searching spiritual moments as you explore the 19th century Kalna Temples and Mayapur ISKCON Temple. Offering not just tranquility, these encounters enable guests to have enriching philosophical interfaces with religious sages and pilgrims.

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